Hamas-affiliated group hosts hundreds in Brussels

Hundreds attended an anti-Israel event that an association with allegedly close ties to Hamas organized at one of Brussels’ most prestigious public venues.

Some 300 people showed up on Saturday at the Belgian capital’s well-respected Jesuit-sponsored Collège Saint-Michel for an event organized by the Palestinian Return Centre, a British nongovernmental organization which has denied allegations by the Israeli government and other bodies that it is “a front” for Hamas.

An urgent appeal by the European Jewish Parliament to the mayor of Etterbeek — one of the municipalities that make up the Belgian capital — failed to prevent the event, advertised as the “11th Palestinians in Europe Conference.”

“The circumstances do not permit me to legally ban this event,” Deputy Mayor Vincent De Wolf wrote to European Jewish Parliament co-chair Joel Rubinfeld on May 17.

“The fact that a façade for an organization like Hamas is allowed to speak at all in Belgium, a country where Hamas is considered a terrorist organization, is deplorable,” Rubinfeld told JTA. “That one of Brussels’ most distinguished venues has rented out its space for this encounter adds insult to injury and shows that when it comes to Israel, some feel the rules simply don’t apply.”

One of the speakers at the event in Brussels was Michel Collon, a journalist who called Israel “the most racist country in the world.” According to a 2011 report by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center in Israel, “senior PRC figures send flotillas and convoys to the Gaza Strip and transfer funds to Hamas.” Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh spoke via satellite uplink at the seventh PRC annual conference, held in Milan in 2009.

One article on the PRC website reads: “It is a lie to speak of ‘democracy’ when fair elections in 2006 had Israel and the world denying Hamas the right to govern. It is a charade to accept ‘internal security’ when arming and training Palestinians to police their own people covers for Israel’s and America’s divide and conquer scheme.”

Article de Cnaan Liphshiz publié dans The Times of Israel du 20 mai 2013.