Conference of Presidents holds 50th anniversary event

On October 15 some of the most prominent people in the Jewish community met for a star-studded gala at New York City's Waldorf Astoria hotel. It was the fiftieth anniversary awards dinner for the Conference of Presidents, which brings together some of the largest American Jewish organizations.

The event was attended by high profile people such as former US President George W. Bush, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Jewish leaders from US and abroad.

Joel Rubinfeld: “We came here to see our American brothers and to celebrate together the fiftieth anniversary of this major institution which is the Conference of Presidents. (...) It’s to gather all the forces, all the major organizations here in America, I think 51, and to put them together to be more efficient, to develop a synergy, to share the knowledge, to share the experience. I noticed that in US, they are not fully aware of the situation in Europe. And so it is also important, that’s why I come quite regularly. I’ve been a few months ago to the Congress in Washington to explain the situation in Europe. And I think it is very important to let them know what is going on in Europe and also to understand what is going on here in the US.